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Winter is a good time for a skin check: Skin Cancer Clinic Now Open
Missy Tysoe June 28, 2016

Winter is a good time for a skin check

Reliance Skin Cancer Clinic now Open


Did you know?

  • Australia has among the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.
  • About 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer before the age of 70.

One of the most important things you can do for your health this winter is to get your skin checked. While many people take on-board the sun-smart, slip slop slap message during summer, it is often neglected during the winter.

Skin cancers can develop at any time so sun protection measures and skin checks should not be neglected during the colder months. Skin lesions from sun damage during summer months won’t show up overnight. It may take months or years for the damage to develop into a skin cancer. During summer we are far more likely to notice moles or unusual spots as more of our skin is exposed. In winter, we are heavily clothed and as a result often less likely to notice suspicious moles

Additionally, winter may prove to be the most ideal time for a full skin check. As most people are covered up during the winter months, this minimises sun exposure to skin lesions and moles. This can allow for better dermoscopy viewing (a distinct magnifying light, which allows a doctor to closely examine spots on the skin).

What to look out for?

Any change or sudden appearance of freckles, moles, sores or spots, even just reddened areas may be an indication of skin cancer and you should see a doctor. Reliance Medical Practice now offers a comprehensive Skin Cancer Clinic at our West Gosford and Wyong sites and we welcome new patients. The doctors involved in the Reliance Skin Cancer Clinic are highly qualified and experienced in this area.

By checking regularly you will get to know when something has changed. Change is one of the important things to look for, a change could involve a change in colour, change in shape (e.g. it used to be perfectly round and now it looks like a map of Australia), change in surface pattern (e.g. it used to be smooth and it is now rough), or if it becomes a sore that won’t go away.

Talking to your doctor:

To get the most out of your visit to your doctor:

  • visit a skin cancer clinic with doctors who specialise in this area ie Reliance Skin Cancer Clinic
  • request a longer appointment if you have a number of issues to discuss
  • prepare your questions beforehand
  • take a friend or relative for support, or to write down answers to your questions if possible
  • ask your doctor to explain again, if you don’t understand the answers
  • ask your doctor to give you a written summary of your treatment plan


Be skin smart this winter

Remember to protect your skin this winter by applying 30+ sunscreen to exposed areas of skin such as the face and hands and don’t forget your lips and ears, and wear protective sunglasses or googles for work, sports and anytime outside. If you notice a spot on the skin that looks different from the others or is changing, bleeding or itchy, it should be examined by a doctor.

Protect you and your loved ones skin and book an appointment with your GP today. Call 02 4304 1333 or visit

Reliance Medical Practice

Reliance Skin Cancer Clinic- West Gosford and Wyong

Download the pdf here.

Melissa Tysoe | Marketing & Events Assistant | Reliance GP Super Clinic

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