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Reliance’s top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier you
Rod Beckwith January 7, 2016

Reliance’s top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier you

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New Year, New healthier you!

According to research, almost 30 per cent of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions after just one week. Here’s how to make healthy life changes that you’ll keep up all year round.

The key is to set realistic and achievable goals that you can actually stick to, and it’s far easier to set smaller goals that’ll have a big effect on our general health.

1. Drink less alcohol

For many of us, saying we’ll go completely alcohol free – either permanently or for a month or two – is a pretty daunting prospect. This also means we’re less likely to stick to our goals. Try setting a more realistic goal of just drinking less alcohol – rather than cutting it out altogether – or limiting the number of units you have per evening.

Reducing alcohol consumption is one of the best things you can do for your health, with even moderate levels being linked to some cancers. If you’re not ready to cut it out completely, try deciding on three days a week  for AFDs ( alcohol free days), to give your body a break. You could also try downloading MyDrinkAware – an app to help you track what you’re drinking.

2. Drink more water
This is so simple, but few of us actually endeavour to drink more water – which can boost our mood, keep us alert and make our hair and skin healthier and more.

Try keeping a bottle of water with you at all times, to encourage you to drink while out and about, and aim to drink a couple of these per day.

3. Eat more

By eating more regular, smaller portioned meals that comprise of a healthy mix of fruit, veg, protein and carbs will get your diet back on track and kick start your metabolism. Avoid skipping breakfast as this will leave you feeling lethargic and more tempted to snack unhealthily.

4. Enjoy exercise

Whether you love running or enjoy yoga, there is an exercise for everyone – and that doesn’t mean you need to become a gym junkie. Studies show you’re more likely to stick to something that you enjoy, so it’s important to take up something that gives you a genuine boost.

You probably don’t need reminding why regular exercise is good for you – it enhances your mood, decreases your risk of some cancers and prevents osteoporosis etc.

5. Be proactive with managing your health

Take charge and stay on top of your health, have you had your annual Pap smear? Skin checks? Diabetes checks? Children’s immunisations? Trying using the app “Save the date” to help keep track and book in with your Reliance GP to help manage your health and keep you and your family healthy this year.

6. Quit smoking

Probably the most popular resolution and also one of the hardest to stick to.

Did you know?

You could save as much $9000 this year if you make your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking in 2016. Cancer Council WA Tobacco Programs Manager Libby Jardine said “quitting smoking was the equivalent of getting a pay rise at work”. Read more on Quit smoking to save money and your health

“People in their 20s and 30s who decide to quit smoking could gain back nine to 10 years of life compared to those who continue to smoke.

“Quitting smoking when you’re 50 has been found to halve your chances of dying prematurely.”

Check out these resources to help you quit and visit your Reliance GP who is here to help and support you in becoming a healthier you.

I can quite guide

Free Quit apps and packs

Quit for you-Quit for Two app– quitting for mum who is pregnant

Quit for two app

Reliance wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!

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