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R U OK? 4 Symptoms of Depression
Missy Tysoe September 8, 2016

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Today marks the annual R U OK Day – an initiative to start conversations around the country, to encourage people to speak out about depression and mental illness. If you are suffering from depression, it’s ok to tell your doctor – we are here to help. Our Doctors here at Reliance are experienced in dealing with mental health, and there are mental health plans available, including bulk billed options of money is an issue. Call 43 041 333 to take the step and talk to a doctor today, or book online

Sometimes, the hardest part is telling someone – that’s why we are encouraging aussies to take the first step and ask the people around them, R U OK?
Perhaps you’re doing just fine and it’s someone else you’re worried about. Here are some simple signs and symptoms to look out for.
1. Changes in their physical appearance. Looking tired or ill, constantly feeling run-down. Eating more or less than usual, drinking excessively, or having difficulty up keeping their normal hygiene (not showering regularly, sleeping a lot).
2. Changes in mood. Seeming snappy, agitated, anxious or worried. Losing interest or ability to perform tasks they previously enjoyed or managed.
3. Changes in behaviour. Being withdrawn, cancelling plans, avoiding social contact, seeming distracted or “too busy” with other tasks to attend social events.
4. Changes in expression. While some people may mask their struggle by making excuses or appearing to act happy, there may be subtle signs that they are suffering. This may include; being sensitive and taking things personally, negative expressions, criticising their self or their work, and mention of over-thinking, or difficulties sleeping.

If you have noticed two or more of these things in a friend, family or colleague, it’s time to start the conversation. Spread the word and forward this link on to those you care about. It could be the little bit of encouragement they need to start a life-changing conversation.

For more information and resources, go to

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression,  call 43 041 333 and talk to a doctor today, or book online


Author: Melissa Tysoe | Stakeholder Engagement & Marketing Officer | Reliance Health


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