• Dr Rodney BeckwithMedical Director

    Dr Rodney BeckwithGeneral practitioner

    Dr Rodney Beckwith is a general practitioner from the NSW Central Coast and is the Medical Director of Reliance Medical Practice Wyong.   He has over 12 years experience in General Practice and holds the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.   Rod successfully applied to receive Federal Government funding to establish the Reliance GP Super Clinic at West Gosford, where he is currently the Director.

    Dr Beckwith enjoys competitive and recreational cycling.   More recently Dr Beckwith has commenced fundraising for the Children’s Medical Research Institute and is now their Central Coast ambassador.   He is embarking in the Great Cycle Challenge this year which involves riding to help fight cancer in children and is motivated by his experience of hundreds of patients with cancer and his personal contact with the Institute.


  • Dr Nataliya KotGeneral practitioner

    Dr Nataliya KotGeneral practitioner

    Growing up in a family of practitioners, Dr Nataliya Kot has been involved in medicine for her entire life. Born in the Ukraine, Dr Kot has lived and practices in  a number of places and speaks many languages including English, Ukrainian and Russian.

    Besides working as a Specialist Paediatrician for many years, Nataliya has also practiced as a Primary Care Physician and Family GP,  which has given her a  wealth of knowledge.

    Outside of work, she likes spending time on the beach, traveling and meeting new people.

    Specialities: Women’s health, family health.

  • Dr Eunice ManGeneral practitioner

    Dr Eunice ManGeneral practitioner

    Having grown up in in Hong Kong, Dr Eunice Man speaks English and Cantonese and has also lived and practiced in the UK. Eunice has practiced over 10 years and her specialty involves Women’s Health.

    Eunice enjoys residing and practicing in Australia and is a great asset to the Reliance GP Super Clinic.

    Specialties: Women’s Health, Antenatal Care, Skin checks, families, Children’s Health, procedures & vaccinations

  • Dr Najah JaafarGeneral practitioner

    Dr Najah JaafarGeneral practitioner

    Born in Baghdad, speaking English Kardish, Arabic, Persian. Dr Jafaar has been practicing medicine for over 7 years and enjoys working within the Reliance team in providing high quality care and confidence for patients.

    Outside of work he enjoys watching movies.

    Specialties: General Practice

  • Dr Pamela PasatiempoGeneral practitioner

    Dr Pamela PasatiempoGeneral practitioner

    Born in Quezon City Philippines, Dr Pam speaks English and Filipino.

    Trained in paediatrics and holding a diploma in childrens health from the university of Sydney/Children’s Hospital at Westmead, she is a great addition to the Reliance team of doctors.

    Dr Pasatiempo chose to practice at Reliance because of the ‘’great team work and its good reputation for patient service’’

    Dr Pamela Pasatiempo looks forward to seeing new patients and helping Central Coast families effectively manage their health.

    Specialties: Paediatrics, family health, women’s health


  • Dr Francis SantiagoMedical Aesthetics Physician & Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Francis SantiagoMedical Aesthetics Physician & Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Francis aspired to become a Doctor from an early age. He believes in the art of Medicine and the science of Beauty, holding over 15 years experience in the fields of emergency and medical aesthetics, including training in New York, USA.

    Dr Santiago enjoys travelling and keeping an active lifestyle.

  • Dr Sadaf SalehiGeneral practitioner & Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Sadaf SalehiGeneral practitioner & Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Salehi is an experienced general practitioner with a caring bedside manner. A self-confessed perfectionist, Sadaf has over 5 years experience in cosmetic medicine and is a member  of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

    Dr Salehi loves giving people the confidence they need to feel happy from the inside out.

  • Dr Urmila SriskandaGeneral practitioner

    Dr Urmila SriskandaGeneral practitioner

    Choosing to become a doctor so that she could help people, Dr Sriskanda has been practising in hospitals and private practice for over ten years. Born in Sri Lanka, she has also lived all around the world in many places including USA and Sydney and now happily dwells in the Central Coast. When not practicing Urmila enjoys cooking and bushwalking.

    Specialities: Women’s Health. Procedures & Vaccinations

  • Dr Ebi KheirandishGeneral practitioner

    Dr Ebi KheirandishGeneral practitioner

    Dr Ebi brings over 20 years experience in general practice, specialising in dermatology and skin procedures. Dr Kheriandish believes that education is vital in healthcare, and continues to expand his own knowledge in paediatrics and gastroenterology. He enjoys practicing and living on the Central Coast, spending any spare time with his family swimming, camping and bush walking. Dr Ebi enjoys working at Reliance for its friendly staff and patients, modern facilities and educational seminars.

    Specialty: Dermatology.

    Languages: Farsi and English.

  • Dr Mario FamGeneral practitioner

    Dr Mario FamGeneral practitioner

    Dr Mario Fam has been practicing in Egypt since 2010, with experience in mental health and management of chronic health concerns, he is a valuable addition to the Reliance team. Dr Mario also conducts minor surgical procedures including removal of benign lesions.

    Dr Fam chose to become a doctor as he loves a challenge and wants to see all his patients happy.

    A man of many talents, Mario is also an artist and has exhibited his paintings in Egypt and Germany. Mario is also a professional diver which was one of the main reasons he has chosen to live in Australia. He is also passionate about travelling, and tasting different cuisines from around the world.


  • Dr Aliyar DanaeiGeneral practitioner

    Dr Aliyar DanaeiGeneral practitioner

    Embracing the challenge to move from Iran to Australia, Dr Ali has experience practicing in both city and rural areas. Dr Ali decided to become a Doctor because he enjoys the fulfillment of helping people improve their health, choosing the Reliance team for its multidisciplinary approach to medicine. Having a high regard for education as an integral part of GP service, Dr Ali enjoys attending Reliance Doctor Education Seminars and has a diploma in cosmetic medicine. In his spare time, Dr Danaei  enjoys swimming and rock-climbing.

    Specialties: Chronic illness, Family medicine.

    Languages: Farsi and English


  • Dr Padma KorremulaGeneral practitioner

    Dr Padma KorremulaGeneral practitioner

    Dr Padma Korremula

    With a passion for healing people, Dr Padma began practicing in remote areas of NSW to make a difference in patient’s lives. Dr Korremula has undertaken additional studies in Children’s health, and has experience dealing with the challenge of treating terminally ill children and patients affected by drug and alcohol abuse. She specialises in preventing and treating diseases in older adults, women’s health, mental health and aboriginal health. In her spare time, Dr Padma enjoys cooking, gardening and travelling.

    Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

    Specialities: Geriatrics, Mental Health, Women’s Health, Indigenous Health

  • Dr Victor GraceGeneral practitioner

    Dr Victor GraceGeneral practitioner

    Dr Victor Grace

    Born in Egypt, Dr Grace holds a Master in general surgery from Cairo University and worked in ER before moving into general practice. With ambitions to “make the whole world happy” Dr Victor aims to identify and treat his patient’s suffering and pain. Dr Grace specialises in procedures, vaccines and minor surgeries.


    Languages: English and Arabic

    Specialities: Minor surgeries and procedures.

  • Dr Shimaa SerourGeneral practitioner

    Dr Shimaa SerourGeneral practitioner

    Dr Shimaa Serour

    Having completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Shimaa went on to complete further studies in obstetrics and gynaecology, and now holds 10 years experience in practice. With a passion for healing people, Dr Serour is excited to join Reliance for our team spirit and the support provided through our ongoing doctors education and training. Shimaa recently moved to Gosford with her children and is loving the local lifestyle, spending her scarce spare time drawing, listening to music, reading and meditating.

    Languages: Arabic and English

    Specialities: Obstetrics and gynaecology

  • Dr Anushka RajapakshaGeneral practitioner

    Dr Anushka RajapakshaGeneral practitioner

    Dr Anushka Rajapaksha

    Dr Anushka was born in Sri Lanka and aspired to be a doctor from a young age, growing up to complete her bachelor of medicine and surgery before moving to Australia. Anushka is passionate about education and chose to work for Reliance for our opportunity to participate in ongoing health education. In her spare time, Dr Rajapaksha enjoys time with family, and relaxing to classical music.

    Languages: English and Sinhala

    Specialities: Women’s Health, Preventative health, Family health

  • Dr Subha Sundar RajanGeneral practitioner

    Dr Subha Sundar RajanGeneral practitioner

    Dr Subha Sundar Rajan

    Dr Rajan was born in India and lived in Malaysia before moving to Australia. Having completed her medical studies at the Mahatma Ghandi University, she has practiced for over 5 years in emergency and GP roles. Dr Subha looks forward to the nurturing team environment that Reliance provides, to bring patients and doctors together on their health journey.

    Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malaysian

    Specialties: Chronic disease management, Women’s health and family planning, Palliative care

  • Dr David DaoudGeneral practitioner

    Dr David DaoudGeneral practitioner

    Dr David Daoud

    As a young boy David dreamt of becoming a Doctor and healing people. Completing a bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in Egypt, Dr David moved to Australia to begin post-graduate training, and affirms the experience changed him for the best. Dr Daoud has a particular interest in mental health, children’s health and chronic illness. In his spare time, he enjoys football and a good movie night.

    Languages: English and Arabic

    Specialities: Paediatrics, Mental Health and Chronic Illness

  • Dr Tenzin LhundupGeneral practitioner

    Dr Tenzin LhundupGeneral practitioner

    Dr Tenzin has over 7 years experience in general practice and hospitals. Dr Lundhup’s specialties include; family medicine, chronic disease and dermatology.   In his spare time, Tenzin enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends.

    Languages: English, Hindi

  • Dr Branko NaumovskiGeneral practitioner

    Dr Branko NaumovskiGeneral practitioner

    Dr Branko began his medical career over 20 years ago starting in Serbia as a GP before working in the emergency department for over two years. In 2001, Branko arrived in Australia where he worked as an SRMO in Gosford and Wyong Hospital before taking up his Registrar position in D&A ( 2007).

    Dr Branko has worked in a variety of settings, with a keen interest in addiction medicine and research. His research work continues, and has even been published in medical journals.

    In his spare time, Branko is a mad fishermen, excellent husband and proud father of eight year old twins.

    Specialities: Addiction, Mental Health and Mens Health

  • Dr Hamed KordiGeneral practitioner

    Dr Hamed KordiGeneral practitioner

    Dr Kordi grew up in Iran and moved to Australia where he has been practicing medicine for over 7 years. Dr Kordi has a passion for health and has treated many patients with a range of diseases. In his spare time, Kordi enjoys painting and computer programming.


    Languages: Turkish, Azeri, English

  • Dr Ghassem RostamianGeneral practitioner

    Dr Ghassem RostamianGeneral practitioner

    Dr Ghassem began his career in medicine to help him live life to its full potential, and has now been practicing in clinics and hospitals for over 7 years.

    In his own time, Ghassem enjoys indulging in the fine arts of literature, cinema and music. He enjoys being a part of the Reliance team for its friendly atmosphere and management, and our culture of teamwork.

    Languages: Persian and English

  • Dr Fady MalakGeneral practitioner

    Dr Fady MalakGeneral practitioner

    Dr Fady has been practicing for over 12 years as a GP with special interest and experience in orthopedics.

    Throughout his career as a doctor and surgeon, Dr Malak has encountered many challenges to save lives. He is pleased to join the Reliance team for its nurturing culture and work environment that supports its workers as people, not just employees. In his spare time, Fady enjoys being a father, playing soccer, reading and of course catching up on sleep!

    Fady proclaims that he pursued his passion to become a Doctor because “the smile of a healing person is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”.


    Languages: English, French, Arabic

    Specialities: Orthopedics (bones, joints, and associated muscles).

  • Dr John GabraGeneral practitioner

    Dr John GabraGeneral practitioner

    Dr John Gabra lives and breathes health both in and outside of work. With over ten years experience as a Doctor, and over 4 years experience in internal medicine, Dr John specialises in chronic disease and mental health. On his days off, John enjoys going to the gym, walking and playing soccer.

    Languages: English, Arabic


    Specialities: Chronic disease, mental health.

  • Dr Aditya ShahGeneral practitioner

    Dr Aditya ShahGeneral practitioner

    Dr Adi Shah studied Medicine in Cambridge Deanery UK.  He has enjoyed working as a General Practitioner in Australia for the past 4 years. Since Adi moved to Australia, he has also completed a Diploma in Dermatology.

    He enjoys Travelling, Cycling, Reading and spending time with his family.

    Specialties: Skin Cancer Checks and Surgeries, Diabetes, Mental Health and Large joint injections.

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