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Healthy, happy kids need exercise
Rod Beckwith October 23, 2015

It is well recognised that many children are not getting enough exercise for their long term health, it’s important for our kids to keep healthy and active.

Benefits of Exercise

Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Kids who are active will:


Perfect posture-as a GP, one of the problems I now see every day is poor posture in children leading to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and stiffness at younger and younger ages.   Kids constantly have their heads bent over a phone or tablet, and slouching becomes ingrained.   Exercise is an antidote to these problems.


Mix it up– play and exercise needs to be fun, diverse and interesting.   A good time for play and exercise is after school, having probably spent a fair bit of time sitting down during school hours.   This also helps reduce screen time, which is recommended to be 2 hours or less per day.   Hopefully, we can lead by example, get the exercise we need, and even better if we can get involved with our children in their physical activities.


Keep hydrated– water is an important part of exercise, and if children go to sport after school already somewhat dry, they are unlikely to enjoy it, and more likely to come home with a headache, or feeling completely drained.


Don’t pressure-finally a confession.   When my kids were young my biggest mistake was pushing too hard.   That’s a surefire way to turn fun into monotony and crush enjoyment.
Dr Rodney Beckwith- Medical Director of GP Super Clinic in West Gosford

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