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Happy Feet: Tips to Help Pick the Right Shoes for you and your child
Rod Beckwith January 15, 2016


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Did you know that your feet will walk around the world three times in a lifetime – which is around 150,000 kms? We should definitely pay more attention to them.

Australians have the second-worst rate of unnecessary lower-limb amputations in the developed world, so people with diabetes and other circulatory problems really need to see their Podiatrist. This Foot Health Month encourages people with any foot issue to see their local Podiatrist, even if they have never been before. A simple foot check can help you find out more about your body as well as give your feet a bit of love and attention they deserve.

What you can do to look after your feet is to choose the right shoe

What is the best shoe for me?

This is one of the most common questions podiatrists get asked. The answer depends on many things including the activity you are planning on doing, the type of foot you have, your age, your medical conditions and any foot problems that you may have.


Top tips for choosing a good shoe for you and your child.

Long enough and deep enough

Your shoes should be long enough and deep enough to avoid any pressure on the tips or the tops of the toes. The shoe should be the width of your thumb longer than your longest toe.

Safe and secure

It should have a firm fastening device around the instep a bar, a lace or a velcro-strap. This is to hold the foot back against the heel and to prevent the foot sliding forward and the heel slipping out of the shoe.

Low broad heel

A low broad heel will reduce the pressure on the front of the foot and increase stability. The toe box should be round and wide to avoid cramping of the toes. It should be deep enough to accommodate any toe deformities or an insole that may be required.

Mimic your foot shape

The shape and the width of the shoes should be more or less the same as your feet. The sole of the shoes should be made up of non-slip resilient materials.

Comfort first

Does this mean that you should throw away all your “fashionable” shoes? No, just try and consider your feet and wear a more foot friendly shoe as often as you can.


For the kiddies

Natural is best

Natural materials generally breathe better (e.g. leather) and are especially important for active kids at school to reduce excess sweating.

Invest in durability

Children are rough on their shoes and often need replacements even before a school year ends. To minimise this, look for durable materials such as quality leather uppers and reasonably firm rubber soles (the firmer the sole the longer it lasts but usually the less grip it provides – try and find a balance between the two). It may seem more expensive now but it will last you longer and save you money in the long run.

Be kind to your feet and don’t hesitate to make a date with your podiatrist this month. Contact Riverside Podiatry on (02) 4304 1368 to make your appointment today

Bradley Moodie


From Riverside Podiatry at Reliance GP Super Clinic in West Gosford

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