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Reliance shares a strong commitment to providing quality education and training for their own doctors and for doctors in the local region.

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    October Events

    Tuesday 10th : Chiropractic
    Tuesday 24th : Addiction
    Tuesday 31st : Referral pathways for allied health


69 Central Coast Highway
West Gosford, NSW
  • Chiropractic & Bone Health

    Tuesday 10 October

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    Chiropractic & Bone Health. Detecting risks and symptoms. Further information TBA.

    • Tuesday 10 October 1PM

    • Presenter: Angus Steventon

  • Addiction

    Tuesday 24th October

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    Addiction & Substance abuse

    Dr Branko

    • Tuesday 24th October 1-2PM

  • Referral Pathways


    Tuesday 31st October

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    Referral pathways for allied health and specialists

    • Tuesday 31st October 1PM

  • Lymphodema Treatment

    Tuesday 14th November


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    Lymphatic Obstruction

    The treatment lymphodema, causing of blockage in the lymphatic system and circulatory systems.

    • Tuesday 1pm-2pm


      Tuesday 14th November

    • Presented by:


      Kate Perkins

  • Ambulance Care Plan

    Tuesday 28th November

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    Ambulance Care Plan

    From Primary Health Networks.

    • Tuesday  1pm – 2pm


      Tuesday 28th November



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    • Tuesday 1pm- 2pm

    • Presenter:

  • Diagnostic Imaging 

    Tuesday 5th December


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    Diagnostic Imaging  PRP

    • Tuesday 1pm-2pm


      Tuesday 5th December

  • ENT

    Tuesday 12th December (TBC)

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    Ear Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Health

    Presented by

    Dr Gunawardena sees paediatric and adult patients, and has special interests in:

    • Pediatric ENT disorders
    • Ear disorders, hearing loss and ear infections
    • Nasal surgery and sinus disease
    • Head and neck cancers or tumors
    • Thyroid and parathyroid treatment
    • Voice disorders
    • Tuesday  1pm – 2pm

      Tuesday 12th December

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