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Deskercises: prevent pain and improve posture
Missy Tysoe May 24, 2016

Work place exercises to help prevent back pain and headaches.


If you spend the majority of your week at an office job hunched over your desk, chances are your work environment can contribute to headaches and back pain. The human body was not designed to sit on chairs for extended periods of time; so get up and get moving with these tips, without interrupting your workload.

These 3 simple tips involve quick exercises and stretches that help improve circulation, improve posture, activate your muscles and reduce tension headaches or pain.

  1. Correct Posture

Maintaining good posture is tough work, but the more you practice the stronger your core will become, and it will get easier over time as it becomes a good habit. Start with making sure your feet touch the ground, knees should be lower than hips, you should now be reaching forward with your head or arms to access your work station – move closer. Your monitor should be up high and the centre of the screen level with you eyes and close enough to easily touch. Your neck should be straight and your chin pointed toward the ground. Come and ask one of our physio’s to assess your workplace ergonomics (02) 4324 5668.

  1. Get up and move every hour

Our chairs and lounges are literally killing us! Physical exercise not only helps our heart and cardiovascular system, but also helps our muscles and bones. Get up and move at least once every hour. Stand and do some stretches, stand and march on the sport a few times, go for a 5 – 10 minute walk on your lunch break.

  1. Incorporate some basic stretches into your day at least every 2 hours (or once a day to begin with)

Choose 4 of the following exercises and try doing 10 repetitions for each (mix it up throughout the day).

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