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10 Benefits of keeping hydrated
Rod Beckwith January 14, 2016

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10 Benefits of keeping hydrated

Water accounts for 60 percent of your body and is essential to every cell.

See below some of the benefits to your body for keeping hydrated

  1. Weight Loss

Drinking water instead of soft drink or sugary juices will quench your thirst—minus the excess calories and plus all the benefits of helping your body flush out the by products of the fat and other toxins.

2. Better Immune Health

Think of drinking water as your secret weapon to fighting off illnesses, improving lymph fluid within the immune system and preventing headaches, joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, and light headedness.

  1. Muscle Efficiency

Being hydrated is essential for keeping those muscles strong, lubricated, and energised. Why? Because H20 aids the transport of oxygen to your muscles so they are prepared when exerted.

  1. Balancing Mood

Because water aids in body regulation and brain function, it’s also closely related to balancing mood and emotions.

  1. Temperature Control

When you overheat; you sweat. And the evaporation of sweat on your skin is the way the body cools itself down and maintains a healthy temperature. Understandably, drinking enough fluids is essential for sweating and replenishing your water supply.

  1. Memory Function

Proper hydration will improve the blood flow and oxygen flow to your brain, strengthening cognitive function and memory.

  1. Joint Lubrication

Your joints, spinal cord, eyes, and brain are surrounded and protected by water. Remaining hydrated is vital to their well being.

  1. Healthy Bowel Function

Water aids the elimination of waste material, making bowel movements and urination possible and comfortable, and excreting waste products that would otherwise poisoned the body and cause disease.

  1. Aids Digestion

Water provides the ability for your body to eat and digest food—via the water in your saliva and within your digestive tract.

  1. Skin Elasticity

Drinking water keeps your skin moist, supple, and elastic—thus lessening your risk of developing dry issues like dermatitis, aging skin, and infection.

So keep up your H20 for a healthy body.

If you have any concerns please see your GP

To learn more, read our article on about signs of dehydration



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